Pulltherope - Simple reminders for Chrome browser

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🎣Pull the rope

Pull the rope is a dead simple reminders app for Chrome.

Note that this extension works for the Chrome browser only.

------------ Reviews ------------

“I love the interaction design of this app!”

- Eddie Wong - Independent Artist(via email)

"Typography, gradient, shot, camera angle – delightful m8"

- BacaJody(via Reddit)

🤔Why Pull the rope?

Other reminder apps:

  • Set your label
  • Go through minutes
  • Check AM, PM
  • Choose a day
  • Wade through options
  • Start the timer

With Pull the rope:

  • Pull the rope(literally)
  • You just created a reminder!

👉Setup instructions

Get the app license key after purchasing Pull the rope.

Install the app from the Chrome webstore and enter your license key.

Upon purchase, install the extension and enter the license key.

I want this!

Upon purchasing, you'll get a License key for the Pulltherope Extension. After purchasing, you'll receive your license key in an email. Simply head over to the Chrome webstore and install Pulltherope. After installing, enter your license key and its yours.


Pulltherope - Simple reminders for Chrome browser

0 ratings
I want this!