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Into Webfonts? Take a peek into Snapfont's v2 feature list.

Hi all, Shash here - Snapfont's developer here.

I've talked with various Web designers and Typographers over the last 2 years and here are the main issues webfonts face and how we'll tackle them in the new v2 version:

  • Variable fonts are supported by Google Fonts but they don't make it easy. You need to convert the fonts to woff2 and get axes data to work with the font by using FontDrop. We'll make this workflow much more accessible with Snapfont v2.
  • Opentype ligatures are widely supported but most web developers don't know how to use this. We'll be exposing ligature data on Google Fonts and make it more accessible by generating css for ligatures.
  • Font preview tools on Google Fonts, Adobe fonts and other font foundry pages are horrible and don't offer a good previewing experience. With Snapfont, we'll allow variable axes modification on the fly(on a webpage) and also on the website too, as well as more options and filters for previewing fonts.
  • Right now, typographers rely on some command line tools that are only available via the command line. We'll be working on a tools section where you can access these tools online to modify fonts.

Phew. That's quite a long list of todos. I'm hoping to publish the new version by Jan 2023.

Let me know if you have any suggestions for any new features. You can email me at



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