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New Update on Snapfont

Hi all, Shash here - I've been working on Snapfont the font testing tool - for quite some time now.

I've been itching to push a new update. This will fix:

  • Enable all Google fonts. Currently about ~500 Google fonts are missing from Snapfont
  • Allow specific weights/variable axis/italics, etc to be toggleable when testing a font
  • Publish the extension on Firefox

Here's the kicker - I would be grateful for any feedback you have with Snapfont and ideas on making it better. The more feedback I get, the better the product gets.

I'm also happy to give you a free license key if you can get on a 15-20 min Zoom call and show me how Snapfont fits in your workflow.

Hit me up at or use the contact form on the website.




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Into Webfonts? Take a peek into Snapfont's v2 feature list.

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